NEWS RELEASE We are pleased to announce that we will continue to distribute Dr. Lee’s TeaForHealth green tea through Samuel Elliott, Inc. of Palmyra NJ. While this website is being re-activated, please call or email us to place your order. Your order will be processed and shipped immediately.

Tel: 1-855-711-1604

TeaForHealth’s high antioxidant green tea is grown to extremely rigid quality standards. Every batch of our TeaForHealth green tea is tested twice during processing and packaging for total amounts of green tea catechins and EGCG content. The goal is to ensure that the product meets our high standards.

We suggest that you brew our tea in an OX oxygen exclusion tea steeper for maximum retention of catechin antioxidants.

Although the FDA has officially allowed the first qualified green tea health claim as follows: "Green tea may reduce the risk of breast or prostate cancer although the FDA has concluded that there is very little scientific evidence for this claim." , we are confident in the scientific data provided by Dr. Sin Han Lee and others. Please see Scientific Information.

For more FDA information see:




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